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How to Say "Spanish" in Spanish by Benna Crawford. In the United States, more than 35 million people speak Spanish as their first language.

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It is spoken as a first language in 30 countries world-wide by about over 399 million and as a second language by some 89.5 million people.

There are approximately 500 million people who speak Spanish today.There are approximately 329 million native Spanish speakers in the world, and they populate some of the coolest destinations in the world.

Mandarin Chinese has around 880 million users and English has around 400 million.By the 1990s more than 17 million people in the United States spoke.

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A complete primer on Spanish numbers. a billion has been a thousand million in U.S. English but a million million in British English, and Spanish has followed.

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Spanish is a Romance language with over 400 million native speakers.

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A majority of English-speaking Hispanics in the U.S. are

Spanish word for million, including example sentences in both English and Spanish.Books-A-Million - Spanish Fort 22000 Town Center Ave, Spanish Fort AL 36527 Phone Number: (251) 626-6783.

Learn how to say million in Spanish with audio of a native Spanish speaker.I am Spanish and found very confusing at first this because I was taught one billion was.

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1.698.500 (expressed in writing) > One million, six

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Following are Spanish numbers from one to one million. 1 uno 2 dos.